Cheap Hotels: Thrift and Comfort

With a little help from the Net and a flexible travel schedule, finding accommodation in cheap hotels isn’t a difficult task. Non-peak seasons are the best periods to look for cheap hotel rates when you can save money while you stay in comfort.

As most frequent travelers would tell you, what matters most is not where you travel, but how well you manage to get accommodation in cheap hotels. Basically, you should determine the requirements of your trip: whether you will be staying in a hotel or resort, and for what duration. In most popular routes packages can undercut prices charged online if you book flights and accommodation separately. However, if you are planning for a longer stay in some plush hotels, online booking could be advantageous monetarily.

An easy way to search for cheap hotels online is to check with a travel broker. Alternatively, you could visit hotel sites. Filling up certain details of your trip will give you extensive results, which are often competitive. This simple exercise should give you enough material to work out your requirement. If you are lucky, you will be able to grab special offers from hotels and resorts.

Non-peak seasons will get you great discounts and better deals on all the travel needs. It would be a good idea to stay on weeknights, instead of during the weekend. Besides, you could try staying a little away from popular destinations or transportation hubs. The factors such as the seasonal booking, tourist location, and weekend stay, will greatly increase the cost of your trip. In order to find comfortable and cheap hotels, you need to have a flexible travel plan without any mandatory dates.

You can look up websites of cheap hotels for economical accommodation. For instance, instead of checking Hotwire, Travelocity, etc., you could visit or, which throw up hundreds of websites. You could then compare prices for the same hotels for the same dates. On finding a suitable price, call up the hotel to check if it would be prepared to provide you accommodation at a lower rate than advertised. Most hotels bring down the tariff a bit, since it eliminates agency commissions.

Perhaps, you could look up free travel guides at gas stations and restaurants, which advertise promotional rates and discounts. If you find a suitable one located in the city you intend to travel, it would definitely help save money. Besides, check coupon sites, which offer discount hotel reservations at several major cities across the country as well as on international hotels. Remember to pay attention to payment details; in some cheap hotels you may have to pay in advance.